"This is probably the most intensely
hydrating eye cream I’ve EVER used."
-A. Archambault - Paris

"I have extremely sensitive skin, especially around my eyes. So, when I saw this on-line
 I bought it and have loved it ever since! It sinks in right away and doesn't clog the skin or cause irritation, just the right amount of moisture! The jar is a work of art and should be in a museum.

Natalia - Moscow

"Seriously. This is probably the most intensely hydrating eye cream I’ve EVER used. 
And believe me I’ve been around the block a time or two with eye creams.
The Gold chain bracelet that comes around the La Roc jar is really classy."

~ A. Archambault -Paris

"I am 44 years old and live in Singapore (tropical country). I have fine and deep lines under my eyes. La Roc eye cream worked very quick and I truly love this stuff. The piano wood box that the eye cream came in is truly world class."
~ MS. Zheng - Singapore

I'm obsessed with La Roc eye cream - I decided to try this after reading the rave reviews... but I was still a little skeptical. I've been using this as a night time eye cream and I love it!
I'm putting it up there with the top ones I've ever tried. The texture is amazing! It makes my eyes feel tight and my whole face feel refreshed. I've used only the best eye creams and have never got one that feels this good before. I love it! My Husband got it for me for our 10 year anniversary and I’m hooked.

~ Ms. Rothschild - Beverly Hills

I turned 38 and basically started freaking OUT about aging gracefully. I bought this because my crows feet have started to get bad and I am so happy with it. It goes on very smoothly and doesn’t sting my eyes "I’ve had LASIK" and my eyes look great, not a wrinkle in sight!
~ A. Shamsi - Dubai